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We all have bias. Here is mine.

I used to think I had a left leaning/centrist view of the world. Well the world moved wayout weirdly left while I was busy and I find myself being called a conservative today. Me? I'm not conservative I just tend to be pragmatic but not to the extent that I don't care about people.

My Father said once, "It is very hard to be intelligent and be a liberal." He has a point, you almost have to forget a bunch of inconvenient facts that don't fit your world view.

I think that Governments are the worst place to do some things and the best place for others.

Things Governments Do Poorly:

Regulate People
Care for the Poor

Things Governments Do Well:

Regulate Businesses
National Security

If Governments would do less of the things they do poorly and more of the things they do well, we would all be better off.

That is not to say that the things the Government does poorly do not need to be done. They are critical. They need to be done by the private sector using federal money (except regulating one needs to do that!).

I have come by these beliefs after working for many years to develop and manage affordable housing. These tasks have brought me up close knowledge of Federal anti-poverty programs and their private sector counterparts. This experience has nearly made me a libertarian in some respects.

I have my juris doctor, the better part of an MBA and several computer certifications (clearly a product of too much free time).

I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, swimming, running, climbing; and I enjoy the indoors weightlifting, reading, writing, drawing and painting. I have a library of 10,000 books (and growing) which reflect my broad interest in lots of different disciplines.

I should be embarassed but I used to be a bit of a body builder when I was younger and vainer.

My dog's name is Skippy, she keeps me sane.

I will post some photographs of my library and weightroom when I get the chance.

I am one of the few people who can honestly say his Doctor recommended that he get a little less exercise. The older I get the more I think he might be right.

And yes it is my name.


Reading and collecting books, following national politics, soccer, weightlifting, rock climbing and computer technology.