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November 22, 2005



Thanks for helping to expose the shameful, dishonest tactics of the democrats and the liberal press. Unfortunately many people will shrug off their deceitful practices as all part of the game, not recognizing it for the evil, dangerous propaganda that it really is.


Yes. This exposure has been trully enlightening. Now I really understand what's happening in American politics.

Let me get this straight. The Democrats are "politically whining" with various "stunts" and other assorted activities. The Republicans are not guilty of deceipt and stunt-tactices as are the Democrats. The only motion and trend worthy of examining in this previous week as a gauge of opinion on the war is this one vote. And...the liberal press, including the Washington post, is guilty of "lies"!

This is the kind of quality opinion that really helps me understand what, exactly, is going on in the world.

Thank you & thank you.



Why don't you explain to us why Murtha would call for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, then vote against his own proposal when it was put up for a vote?



In many ways I understand the frustration that Peter is feeling since he truly believes that the U.S. should immediately withdraw troops from Iraq. I believe he is wrong, but he is at least completely honest about his beliefs. Many of his fellow travelers in the Democratic Party are not nearly as honest...nor are their media allies. They do not actually believe what they are writing, they are merely writing and speaking for the purpose of disruption and petty political gain. It is rather shameful.

That said, many of the conservatives and libertarians (which I think safely classifies my political beliefs) are feeling much the same regarding the antics of the Administration and Congress as it regards to spending and fiscal restraint. In summary I feel as though neither party is being terribly truthful.

That fact doesn't surprise me, what I find irritating and bothersome is the media portrayal appears to be SO slanted as to be embarassing. It should not be this easy to identify and criticize bias. If I had time I could identify, document and publish liberal media bias all day long with hundreds of examples.

This is not surprising to me either, the current crop of media reporters are little more than sixties radicals who grew up with the bias. They are the antithesis of what they endured from the media bosses they replaced. The corruption and ineptitude of the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations was the backdrop against which they railed. The military WAS lying to the public, the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations WERE corrupt. It seems to me these 'one-trick-ponies' are obsolete...just as obsolete and stubborn as some of the old media they replaced in the early 70's. The parties over for them and they are still looking for another Watergate to prove it ain't so.



Thanks for your response.

It’s not a question of whether Peter is right or wrong (or whether you or I are right or wrong), it’s a question of whether we are even having an honest and appropriate debate. On the issue of Iraq and so many other issues, clearly we are not. Your column provided just one more example of why this is so.

I hope my rhetoric, though it’s strong, is not misunderstood. I don’t believe that all conservatives are angels and all liberals are disciples of the devil. I share the frustrations of many conservative over spending and border control, among other issues. But at this time I do not see, on the conservative side, the broad pattern and growing acceptance of using deceitful propaganda as the primary means of advancing a political agenda.

Terri G

I think I can understand the growing frustration many are having about how long the troops have been away. I know the people left behind pray daily for their safe return and some come back and some do not. We have been over there for a l ong time but until the job is done we need to remain there. I don't know of any other way that the job will get done. If the troops come home to placate the democrats what actual good will have been accomplished? I think that the democrats are lookning for a way to make people angry, upset with the president and ready for change in 2008. They will use any trick or tactic no matter how sneaky, dishonest or in some cases practically illegal to make themselves and their presidential canidates look better than anything that any other party has to offer.
Why don't they just give up now?


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