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December 06, 2005



You call yourself a Democrat? Y really think that a Democrat would have gotten us unto this mess in the first place. Democrats would never vote for it, because if a Democrat was in the WH, we wouldn't be in Iraqin the first place. A Democrat wouldn't have LIED to Congress to get into a war. Instead of focusing on the War on Terror, Bush has been focusing on the War in Iraq (they are NOT the same thing)! Murtha, unlike other Democrats, had the military and congressional experience to know that there is a real problem with Iraq, so he did the right thing by calling for a pullout. He supports his country and his military; all politicians should be like him. No the other Democrats will stand up and say "Yeah, you're right", and the troops will sart coming home within the year. A full and immediate pullout wouldn't be smart, but a slow, steady, and well thought out pullout, weaning the Iraqi military to become self-sufficient, will be the best thing we can do!



You really need to focus on facts and not party spin.

The only fact that I would recommend that you research completely...and I mean actually research, not read the sites which tell you what you want to what every politician actually was saying about Iraq's posession of WMDs PRIOR to the Iraq war. If you do this and are actually honest with yourself, you will have to conclude as every honest person has concluded, that Bush did not lie, he was misled by either poor intelligence from the CIA or lazy government workers who just kept finding the same way of saying the same old things over and over again.

Remember this fact...Bill Clinton prior to the Iraq War and even after the Iraq war has publicly admitted that he was told that Hussein had WMDs by the CIA. The United Nations Security Council had stated publicly that Hussein had WMDs. All of these facts and more are publicly available and easy to find. So you can just drop the entire Bush lied propaganda; that is a silly and ignorant troupe of the Loonatics on the left who are destroying the Democratic Party.

Now as it regards to the liberation of Iraq...unless you are clearly a racist bastard...and I can't tell for sure from your must acknowledge that Saddam Hussein enagged in genocide based upon religion. This was exactly the same behavior that Adolf Hitler engaged in. One murdered Jews the other murdered Shi'ites. Saddam Hussein murdered children, teens and women in front of their men folk to try and obtain confessions. Based upon your comment, people will believe that you have no problem with that. Is that accurate?

Some of the very same people that you suggest are 'good Democrats' were in favor of the U.S. military charging into Sudan to prevent the religious genocide by Islamic Fundamentalists even without the approval of the UN. Perhaps you can explain to me why that action was OK in Sudan, and a tragedy in Iraq.

You are probably used to arguing with the ignorant...welcome to real world kid. If you drop silly comments like this here, you will be eaten alive. Some of my readers can get quite sarcastic!



Loved the comment by DaveR. I’m not sure that it is possible to have an honest disagreement on Iraq. To do so would require the democratic leadership to place the good of this country ahead of their desire to control it. Ain’t gonna happen.

I’m guessing there’ll be no counter response from Adam. According to those who live by the liberal-democratic playbook, one must always avoid any sort of debate on the actual facts. I do think this sentence by Adam was interesting:

“A full and immediate pullout wouldn't be smart, but a slow, steady, and well thought out pullout, weaning the Iraqi military to become self-sufficient, will be the best thing we can do!”

It sounds so familiar. Hmmm, where have I heard that before? Oh, yes, I remember now: that’s the Bush strategy.

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